Bérangère Armand born in Grenoble (France) studied politics and art history. She is a curator and founder of the cultural agency we want art everywhere.

She conceives projects with and for artists and architects, working closely with local communities, museums, industries, developers and cities all across Europe. She organises exhibitions, conversations and conferences and leads various research on art, architecture and the forms created when the two disciplines intersect.

Bérangère Armand wants to help move art out of cultural institutions and take it to those who would never normally visit a museum or gallery.

Rather than simply remaining on the sidelines as an observer of cultural life the agency plays an active role by supporting projects, writing articles for the specialist media (e.g AMC and PLI), organising discussions between artists and architects participating in various international conferences on culture, and contributing on subjects relating to creativity and sociology by teaching at the University of Nice, in France.

Her cultural projects have led to exhibitions in such prestigious spaces as the Pompidou Centre and the Centquatre-Paris, as well as in up-and-coming spaces like by Prinzip in Munich.

Among the agency’s most notable achievements are its creation and development of the cultural programme of German company Knauf, which, in turn, led to the support of the Chilean architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen in the programme for the 2016 Biennale in Venice,

In 2017, Bérangère has been invited for a residency at villa Doesburg in Meudon (France). In 2018, she has been made guest of honor of the Bundesregierung Deutschland, Villa Massimo.

Infinite house, courtesy Julien Gudea

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Member of Botox(s) Alps and Riviera contemporary art network  : www.botoxs.fr

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