What is « we want art everywhere » ?

we want art everywhere is a manifesto. We want to support art, because wherever culture advances, freedom flourishes and innovation abounds. We lobby for meaningful and ethical projects but we do not embark on a romantic crusade: we want well thought, effective and high qualitative artistic direction – nothing more, nothing less.

we want art everywhere develops cultural projects in close relationship with the enterprises and the industries. These projects result in exhibitions by artists and architects in high profile locations and events such as Centre Pompidou, le Centquatre and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

The agency is solicited by artists, architects, developers, industries or public institutions for the artistic direction of cultural projects. Sometimes the agency itself initiates a project and acts as author from a to z —developing an idea into an exhibition—, sometimes it has a more supportive part by proposing different services (production, exhibition curator, philanthropy, writing, graphic design, etc.).

we want art everywhere don’t hesitate to suggest cultural projects for enterprises which have as main activity something other than art. We consider it an important task to show art outside the walls of museums in the public space. We take it to heart to make art available to those who don’t easily cross the threshold of museums and galeries.

As artist Gottfried Honegger wrote:
”Our eyes absolutely need to learn to think”.

How do we choose which projects to support?
We keep a constant eye on the news, media, exhibitions, galleries. We feed on the ideas of theorist. We write articles. In other words we keep our eyes, ears and minds open and commit to an active exchange with artists, theorists, partners and peers. All of this allows us to be actors in and not just observers of cultural life.