Curating, Alter ego

With Alter ego, we invite visitors to immerse themselves in an immersive exhibition, imagined by OVNi in four facing rooms, taking up an entire floor of the hotel. The Latin expression "alter ego" designates a second self, a person in whom we place all our trust, or even a being who acts in our place. This expression sometimes designates the friend, sometimes the loved one, sometimes oneself in an alternative state if we take the point of view of psychologists or sociologists describing avatars on the web.

Alter Ego artists try to connect differently to themselves, to each other or to the planet. They question otherness, pleasure, happiness, social codes, masks, love. Alter ego sheds light on these questions of being, whether they are linked to the romantic relationship, the fragility of the natural order, the development of digital or the bringing into play of plural identities. Alter ego unveils video and plastic productions around these alternative states inbetween science and magic, nature and culture, feminism and ecology, sexuality and art.

Courtesy Melina Ghorafi

With Émilie Brout & Maxime (Centre d'art Le Lait), Yoan Sorin & Iris Martin (Les Capucins d’Embrun), Fizz Luv (Hayoung Kim & Nelle Gevers) and Melina Ghorafi (Musogynie, musée des femmes-objets, de la misogynie et de ses esthétiques traditionnelles).

3-4-5 December 2021, Nice, OVNi festival, Rivoli Hotel