DRAC, Reporter, Commission for artists support, DRAC, Région Sud

Within the framework of the advisory committee for the allocation of Individual Creation Aid (AIC), Bérangère Armand is appointed "rapporteuse", French word for reporter. The choice to use reporters meets a dual objective:
- A concern for fairness: offering the same treatment to all candidate artists,
- A concern for professionalism: allow the meeting with a professional of contemporary art.
This mission also corresponds to the desire of the DRAC (Direction Régionale Art Contemporain, Ministère de la la Culture, French for Ministry of Cultural Affairs) to support art critics and independent exhibition curators.
The reporter has a role of spokesperson for the artists from the submission of the application file, after study of its admissibility by the DRAC, until the commission which takes place between the months of May and June. The reporter also provides feedback to the artists on the results of the commission.
The French word "rapporteur" (male version of 'rapporteuse') is polysemic and also means "protractor" which is the reason why we chose such an illustration for this news.

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