modus operandi

cultural urbanism

we want art everywhere supports administrations, local authorities (city, metropolis, etc.) and teams of architects, builders and promoters. To explain this mission, we like to use the term "project designer". With our analysis of the territory, its history and its political and social issues, we design the city of tomorrow by your side. To do this, we like to participate in contests and consultations. We then enter into discussions with architects, urban planners, cultural actors and users. This listening accompanied by research work allows us to outline the desired atmosphere and propose a strategy to achieve it.


The curator or "curator" takes care of the works he or she chooses to show. More broadly, curating consists of constructing a statement in words and images. The space and the works interact and that is why we study the atmosphere of the places, take into account their history and examine the configuration of the spaces. Thus, the projects are designed in situ. We like the idea that fruitful dialogues are established between the works themselves on the one hand and between work and space on the other hand, that a course is established between coherence and surprise.


we want art everywhere acts as an assistant to the project management (AMO culture and art) in urban projects by supporting EPAs and competition teams (builders, developers, town planners, landscapers, architects). In addition, we want art everywhere supports artists, designers, architects (non-functional kiosks) in their production projects, particularly for creations intended for the public space.


we want art everywhere writes for artists, architects, galleries, public figures, magazines who solicit Bérangère Armand for articles, critical texts, competition texts, room sheets, notes of intentions, press kits, speeches, and this in the field of art, architecture or urban planning.


we want art everywhere is the author of tailor-made cultural directions for companies, endowment funds and foundations. We support cultural and social projects from their conception. To formulate them, we study the history of the company, its values, the aspirations of its leaders, as well as the actors present in the chosen field of intervention. We then produce the appropriate cultural actions and contribute to the drafting of annual activity reports. We also support private actors for one-off or exceptional tasks or projects.

mooving image

All forms of moving images fascinate us: from works linked to the most traditional film techniques to the most innovative, immersive, surprising developments.