modus operandi

social impact

We want to create cultural and social value for everyone by carefully integrating the partners and stakeholders of places and projects from the design stage. Every year, we want to increase our social impact (number of people whose living conditions and access to culture have been improved). The teaching at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis of the Sociology of Culture and Publics allows us to have a fine awareness of the issues and tools to be mobilized.

site specific

For our police stations as for our cultural urban planning projects, we are working on proposals designed for the places. The study of the 'atmosphere' of places is important to us. The work 'Atmospheres' by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has profoundly influenced our outlook and our modus operandi. The projects are thought out with the mind and with the body, listening to our senses which inform us about the space and what is at play there (light, materials, sound, environment, flow, etc.). The notion of in situ is also valid for online projects and the digital space, the particularities of which should be identified.


The notion of care is at the heart of our projects, as a medical subject (art/health/prevention/care), a societal subject (quality of life, ethics, living together, role in the city), working method and desired atmosphere for our projects (ability to understand, to give meaning and to act effectively in a context of use, to make the user an actor and bearer of evolution) or finally as a subject of individual or collective identity (personal development, CSR, etc.). With training provided in Denmark on art in hospitals (what does art do at hospitals?), Bérangère Armand accompanies you in your projects with high standards and care.