Lecture, Public Pool,
Marseille, Friche la Belle de mai, june 2019

Friche La Belle de Mai
June 2019

Public Pool is a live event that collects and brings together interdisciplinary proposals. Artists, curators, art critics, scholars, art historians, architects, designers, scenographers, philosophers, dancers or musicians contribute through unpublished, thoughtful or experimental presentations, like a research laboratory. Pursuing its perspective of encounters and the sharing of ideas, C-E-A/ association française des commissaires d’exposition (French curators association) proposes the 6th edition of Public Pool, around the notion of common, at the invitation of the Friche Belle de Mai and the Goethe Institut. we want art everywhere presents the work of the German choreographer Nicole Beutler and in particular of her play Still Life which draws inspiration from the mechanical ballets of Bauhaus.