Cultural urbanism, Méridia, step 1, Intencita,
Nice, march 2018

Courtesy we want art everywhere
Nice 2016-2018

The EPA Éco-Vallée Plaine du Var launched a call for projects based on a co-design approach as part of a collaborative dialogue. Four teams of international renown have been selected to create this new polarity and achieve this 70 000m² floor area. Benefiting from a strategic location and a formidable potential for urban change, we want art everywhere took charge of the ambitious cultural analysis and programming of the macrolot under discussion with the team members (creation of a designer residence, a trail of permanent artworks in the neighbourhood and a site specific annual time based media show).

Client : Bouygues Urban Era – BNP-Paribas

Urbanist : Christian de Portzamparc

Architects : Christian de Portzamparc, Aires Mateus, MAD architectes, Comte Vollenweider, CAB, Fernandez & Serre, Jean-Pail Gomis, Emmanuel Combarel et Dominique Marrec, Alfonso Femia, Jean Mus Landscapes.

Place : Nice (France), Program : 47 000 m. SP, Status : Finalist, 2016 – 2018