Curating, The figure in the carpet,
Paris, january 2020

Courtesy Aam Solleveld & we want art everywhere

we want art everywhere, winner of the Embellir Paris competition for Place Jean Ferrat, regrettably decides not to follow up on this project named after the eponymous short story by Henry James. The work of art proposed by the Dutch artist Aam Solleveld was meant to shape a landscape and cover a large area straddling two districts. The City of Paris, which initially requested an ephemeral work, finally required a permanent painting technique for the lines on the floor, based on resin, which we unfortunately cannot achieve with a constant budget. The spirit of the intervention layed in its ephemeral character. This allowed us the audacity of a work of this dimension. Last but not least, we do not wish to see the white lines tarnish and unravel over a long time.
However, the research carried out for this production has brought us a lot in terms of technics, particularly in terms of painting for floors, resin and also the study of surface typologies.